Presentation Tools

There are lots of really great tools available that can be used to make amazing presentations. Most of these can be used with any computer and don’t require special software.

Check out the following:

To make a brochure, you can use Publisher by Microsoft (this is available on the school computers only). A great tool for making documents such as brochures.

It is possible as well to make a brochure with a Google Doc. Take a look at the following youtube video (How to make a brochure in Google Docs) for a great description of how to do that.

Prezi  A cool online tool that is similiar to power point, but very different as well!

Knovio Create amazing, interactive, online video presentations. All that is needed is a webcam and Power Point

Glogster Create an online poster using images, text, video and music that can be shared with other students and teachers. Please see Mrs. Montroy for the codes to gain access to our school Glogster account.


Animoto This online tool can be used to create videos using photos, videoclips and music

If you are using Power Point, check out TIPS FOR POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS





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