Library Books Due May 31st, Overdue Books Due Yesterday

The library is in the process of checking our collection and shutting down for the school year.

In September, the library will be using a new computer system, so we are trying to clean up all of the lost & missing items before transferring over the collection.

Students — please return all library books by May 31st!

If you have overdue books or fines on lost books, we will not issue your yearbook (if you purchased one) until you come to speak with Ms. Fletcher or Mr. Jakoy.

Staff — please return all library books by May 31st!┬áIf it is a resource you still need at the start of June, then please return it as soon as you’re done with it. If you would like to borrow items for summer school or planning, please speak with Ms. Fletcher or Mr. Jakoy.

Thank you for your co-operation!


Murder Mystery in the Library Learning Commons!

Who killed Svetlana Mirova?

The picture below shows a group of Gladstone students trying to solve the murder of Svetlana Mirova, a brilliant yet difficult to get along with scientist who was working on “The Effect of Bromine in Influencing Cell Membrane Signaling in E-Coli” at the time of her death.

Come on into the Library Learning Commons to see if you can figure out who did it!