Welcome Back!!

A big welcome back to all staff and students in the Gladstone School Community! We are in the process of getting the Library Learning Commons up and running, however you can come in and check out a book anytime. Silent Reading starts on Monday, so if you don’t have a book yet please come in and see what we have.

Also, we would like to welcome Ms. Chiang as our new full-time Teacher Librarian. Welcome Ms. Chiang!!

We also have a new printer, however it is not set up with Papercut yet. Until it is, we will be asking you to pay for paper ($0.10 per page copied). You will need to find either Ms. Chiang or Mrs. Montroy to get help with this as we will give you the paper after you have paid. We hope to have the system up and running quickly!

Hope to see you all soon 🙂

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